NextFerm signs agreement for production

NextFerm Technologies Ltd. announced a manufacturing agreement for the production of its vegan protein, ProteVin with a subcontractor in Europe. The commissioning of the plant will be completed in the second half of 2023 with a yearly production capacity of approximately $10M, with future expansion capacity to tens of millions of dollars per year. The product is a non-GMO, vegan protein alternative. This new production facility will help the brand meet growing demand for its products.

A3 Presents at Harvest Festival

American Aronia Accelerator (A3) will present its original Aronia Berry Superfruit ingredient to the 3rd Annual Aronia Berry Harvest Festival. American grown Aronia berries, an ingredient for which A3, serves as a network of businesses and partners across all stages of the supply chain. This includes farming to supplying, distribution, formulation, and marketing. At the 3rd Annual Aronia Berry Harvest Festival in Amenia, ND, the company will acknowledge Aronia farmers.

Once Again Nut Butter Adds Technology

Once Again Nut Butterhas added a second Bühler roaster technology to its dedicated peanut butter facility. The new roaster will double Once Again’s peanut butter capacity, while also allowing the team to run regular trials to further increase production and efficiency going forward. The company is also adding additional storage for raw peanuts and transfer equipment for the new roaster. Its tree nut and seed butters, along with honey products, are produced in a separate facility nearby. Everything in the peanut facility is stainless steel.

Justin's Raises Money to Fight Hunger

Justin’s Brand shares the news that through its partnership with Conscious Alliance, it will help fight hunger. During September, which is Hunger Action Month, Justin's is matching $15,000 in donations and is encouraging its audiences to Take Action for those who need it most. Justin’s extends its commitment to combatting hunger nationwide with an integrated Feed Good campaign that includes a digital invitation on the Conscious Alliance Take Action site. Justin’s dollar for dollar match is one of three simple actions consumers can take to enter the Feed Good giveaway. There will be one lucky winner receiving a year’s supply of Justin's products.

BGG Receives Health Claim

BGG World (BGG) announced that it has received a health claim in Japan for its flagship product, ApplePhenon. ApplePhenon has been clinically tested for weight management, supporting cardiovascular health, glucose levels management, skin health, dental care, respiratory support, and in the sports category. It is now allowed on food products or dietary supplements to show that a food or food component may reduce the risk of a disease or a health-related condition.

Aker BioMarine, Trofi Enter Agreement 

Aker BioMarinesigns its first commercial agreement for Lysoveta withTrofi Nutritional develop several medical foods products. This supply agreement will accomplish clinical development and commercialization of medical food products supporting male infertility, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and pre-natal supplements. Lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC) showed brain health support and enhancement of short-term memory in pre-clinical trials.

Vedic Lifesciences Completes Clinical Trial

Vedic Lifesciencesreported that it has recently completed a clinical trial on a proprietary extract from seeds of Biota orientalis. The study was for Australian innovator Interpath Pty Ltd. Study results were published in the journalInflammopharmcology.Epiitalis showed promising outcomes in a randomized controlled dose-response study. The hydrolyzed oil extract had a proven effect on inflammation. Trial participants were diagnosed with osteoarthritis Grade II or III knee with moderate to severe knee pain. This 8-week study randomized 235 volunteers into 4 groups: high dose (640 mg Epiitalis daily), mid (320 mg daily), low (160 mg daily) and placebo control. Epiitalis was found to be safe with no adverse events ascribed to the interventions for inflammation and joint pain.

Fonterra Launches Wellbeing Solution Brand

Fonterralaunched a new wellbeing solution brand, Nutiani. The new business-to-business brand is targeted at both the multi-billion-dollar medical and everyday wellbeing nutrition markets. The opportunity for the Co-op is significant. Fonterra’s Chief Innovation and Brand Officer Komal Mistry-Mehta says the creation of the new brand brings to life concepts that help customers tailor their products to meet consumers’ evolving wellbeing nutrition needs.

Dr. Bronner’s Launches New Chocolate Flavors 

Dr. Bronner’s new chocolate bar flavors include: Cool Peppermint Cream, Salted Dark, Crunchy Hazelnut, Salted Almond Butter, Coconut Praline Coconut, and more. The brand released seven new flavors of Dr. Bronner's Magic All-One Chocolate. The bars are vegan, 70% cocoa, and sweetened with coconut sugar. The Cool Peppermint CreamOrganic peppermint is paired with deep, dark cocoa. Salted Dark, blends Ghanaian and Ivory Coast cocoa, Indonesian coconut sugar, Congolese cocoa butter, and vanilla from Madagascar. Next, Crunchy Hazelnut Butter, blends nutty, creamy and crunchy, salted Whole Almonds and Smooth Coconut Praline Coconut, blends into a smooth praline covered with dark chocolate.

NutriLeads, DSM Sign Agreement on BeniCaros

NutriLeads BV announced that it has signed a commercial agreement with Royal DSM to bring solutions to the U.S. supplement market. It will extend BeniCaros, NutriLeads’ natural, functional ingredient for immune health. The partnership will enable innovation and product development. The agreement brings together BeniCaros and the broad-market access of Royal DSM. BeniCaros is a bioactive polysaccharide (fiber) derived from upcycled carrot pomace. Peer-reviewed clinical research demonstrates that it has accelerated protective immune responses and significantly reduced the severity and duration of symptoms of a common cold virus.

Wellful Unveiled by Nutrisystem & Adaptive Health 

 Wellful, Inc. has been unveiled as the new name of the parent company of Nutrisystem and Adaptive Health. The brands merged in 2021 to form the premier direct-to-consumer and omnichannel health and wellness company. Wellful’s portfolio of clinically studied wellness brands includes Nutrisystem, the leading direct-to-consumer meal solution and Nugenix, the men’s vitality brand. The company’s portfolio also includes other brands such as InstaflexSuper Beta ProstatePeptiva, and Dr. Sinatra to support joint, digestive, prostate, and cardiac health. Each business will operate under its respective brand identity.

Maypro Attains Distribution Rights

Mayprohas obtained exclusive U.S. distribution rights to Cannabid-ALL, a complete spectrum whole hemp CBDA extract. It is produced through a patented process by supplier, Extraordinary Extracts, LLC., a division of American BioSciences. CBDA’s advantages over CBD have been studied. However, the production of CBDA is difficult and  extraction methods, such as Co2, cannot keep CBDA from decarboxylating into CBD. Using a proprietary extraction method, Cannabid-ALL scientists maintain the natural CBDA content from plant to extract that preserves more of the hemp plant’s natural, beneficial health properties. Cannabid-ALL features the highest amount of CBDA, less than 0.3% THC, and hemp flower constituents including polyphenols and chlorophyll, making it a complete spectrum whole hemp extract.

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