Sioux Falls, SDOmegaQuantannounced the launch ofHbA1cblood sugar at-home testing kit, enabling users to test their hemoglobin A1c level to metabolize glucose, according to a press release. Typically, HbA1c testing requires a blood draw and lab analysis, but OmegaQuant’s HbA1c test allows for a simple finger stick so users can take the test on their own time and at their convenience, at home.

In contrast to a fasting glucose test, this options makes it easier to test blood sugar status over three months. This can help diabetic patients make dietary and lifestyle changes to bring their glucose levels into a healthy range.

"The HbA1c test is similar to the Omega-3 Index test in that it captures someone’s status over a period of time, in this case three months or so. This offers a more accurate picture of one’s dietary intake and could indicate that dietary or lifestyle changes are needed if their blood sugar level is not in the optimal range," said Kelly Patterson, MS, RD, LDN, CSSD, Clinical Nutrition Educator, OmegaQuant. "This test will truly help people measure, modify and monitor their blood sugar status."
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