Sioux Falls, SD—OmegaQuant has launched a Vitamin D Test with a sample collection kit that allows individuals to test from home, according to a press release. The test requires just a finger stick and a couple drops of blood for analysis.

Vitamin D plays a role in bone health, cardiovascular disease, immune function, and more, but it can be difficult to get, depending on an individual’s diet and lifestyle and where they live. That said, if a deficiency is discovered, it’s easy to correct through food, sun exposure, or supplementation.

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“Our new vitamin D test works the same way our omega-3 tests do – with a simple finger stick. No blood draw needed. No doctor necessary. No hidden lab fees. And you can collect your sample safely, in the privacy of your own home,” said Jason Polreis, CEO, OmegaQuant, in the press release. “We think that vitamin D holds just as much importance as a nutrient as omega-3s. And it suffers from the same issues in terms of intake in that the majority of individuals are falling short. But how short? The only way to know is to test.”