Green Bay, WI—EuroPharma, makers of Terry Naturally, shared news of the recent passing of Sue Hahn, Director of International Sales at EuroPharma/Terry Naturally Canada. "The loss of Sue comes as a shock and devastation to all who knew her, loved her, and worked alongside her," Terry Lemerond and the Terry Naturally family wrote in a tribute to Hahn. "Sue was a loyal and dear friend, an esteemed colleague, and someone we were proud to send out to all corners of the world to represent our company."

Sue Hahn

Hahn worked in the Natural Products industry for 25 years, and had a true passion for leaving people happier and healthier, the company shared. "She returned from her many travels with stories of the amazing people she met along the way and proud reports of how our products were helping people around the world. If you were fortunate enough to know Sue through her work, our hearts are with you now as we grieve this tremendous loss together. We know Sue would want you to know you made a big impact and true difference in her life, as well."

Hahn will be missed, but not forgotten. "In her honor, we will carry on and continue to do the work she so effortlessly loved," her colleagues said. "When you think of Sue, remember her bright smile. Share a kind word with someone. Spread a little love. She would want it that way."