South Plainfield, NJ—For 29 years,WholeFoodsMagazine has honored natural product retailers with its annual Retailer of the Year award. This year, the honor goes to Louisville, KY-basedRainbow Blossom Natural Food Markets & Wellness Center.

Established in 1977 by Rob and Pumpkin Auerbach, Rainbow Blossom was Louisville’s original health food store. Business was tough in the beginning, but then a single phone call changed everything: The promoter for the rock band YES, in town for a show, called the store and asked if they did vegetarian catering...they didn’t, but they decided to dive in anyway, and that decision lead to more catering for rock bands, and to greater success.

In the 42 years since opening their doors, Rainbow Blossom endured some rough patches, but ultimately the business has grown despite increased competition from stores like Whole Foods opening in the area. Today, Rob and Pumpkin’s daughter, Summer Auerbach, manages Rainbow Blossom’s four market locations and wellness center—and she’s taking her parents’ vision to a new level. In the November issue ofWholeFoods,Summer shares the story of the Rainbow Blossom’s beginnings, her memories of growing up in the market—and what brought her back into the business full time after college.

The team from Rainbow Blossom will also share strategies that have fueled their success—including the invaluable role being a member of the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association (INFRA) has played in helping the business grow into what it is today: A place happy customers go for supplements and healthy food, with delicious fresh organic local produce, a wide array of specialty foods and knowledgeable staff—as well as the Rainbow Blossom Wellness Center, which serves as a “one-stop” for resources, education and products for mind and body health.

Rainbow Blossom also has a strong focus on community, hosting weekly “Wellness Wednesday” events with wellness practitioners, as well as special events like Vinyasa Yoga, Mom and Baby Time, The Rainbow Blossom Gluten Free Fair and more. Beyond its doors, Rainbow Blossom supports organizations that are working to strengthen the Louisville community, especially those focused on health and wellness and food and farming. Learn more about how Rainbow Blossom is achieving its mission of being “a resource for improving the quality of life for ourselves, the community, and our company” next month, and join us in honoring their efforts.