Los Angeles, CA— In October of 2016, Axiom Foods, based here, announced the launch of the first annual Plant Protein Month in April 2017 to benefit Vitamin Angels. The firm made the first $10,000 donation to the dedicated Plant Protein Fund at Supply Side West in Las Vegas, NV and a number of other brands featuring plant protein are expected to contribute to the fund throughout Plant Protein Month. In fact, Axiom is matching any donation of $500 or greater made by CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies to Vitamin Angels during Plant Protein Month.

In an effort to further raise awareness of plant proteins and educate consumers during Plant Protein Month, Axiom Foods is running a variety of programs to create engagement:1st Annual Plant Protein Month Retail Display Contest.Posters were placed within the pages of WholeFoods’ February 2017 issue as well as distributed at Natural Products Expo West, but if you are not in possession of a poster, retailers can request a poster atinfo@plantproteinmonth.com. Retailers who would like a chance to win prizes need only display the poster in the store and submit a photo of the display atplantproteinmonth.com/retailers. The display should also feature plant protein products sold in the store.

Prizes total $2,000, with three chances to win. The first prize is $1,000 for “Best Display” chosen by a panel of three independent judges. The second and third prize are $500 each and winners are chosen at random from all participants that submitted a photo of their display. Deadline for submission is April 25.

Plant Protein Month Sweepstakes.This $1,000 sweepstakes is open to consumers, brands and retailers who register at plantproteinmonth.com. This also presents a worthwhile opportunity to view the website’s online education library featuring valuable information about plant protein in the form of FAQs, articles and info graphics which can be downloaded.

In addition to the poster contest and sweepstake, the value of plant proteins will also be demonstrated in a variety of other ways. For example, ESPN will record and broadcast on its website a replication of a randomized controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of rice and whey proteins. The previous study demonstrated the completeness of brown rice protein. This particular version will feature ten UFC fighters, five of which will take rice protein and five will take whey protein. All participants will take the same amount of protein and will train in the same exact ways over six weeks. The trial will be executed by sports nutrition Ph.D.’s, Dr. Douglas Kalman and Dr. Corey Peacock, researchers who have worked with Olympic athletes and teams, professional sporting teams and collegiate teams and will utilize brown rice protein from Growing Naturals, LLC, an Axiom Foods company.

Another web series called “From Start to Vegan” that will coincide with Plant Protein Month will be featured on growingnaturals.com. This series documents the wellness journey of former Hydroxycut model Heather Clay as she takes on a vegan lifestyle, interviewing experts and others who have made the transition to vegan.

Partaking in Plant Protein Month is a great way to educate your customers about the value of plant proteins and help them understand all their choices while also supporting the cause of Vitamin Angels.