PLT Health Solutions Granted Cognitive Health Claims

The Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) of Health Canada has given PLT Health Solutions, Inc. license to market its Nutricog Cognitive Performance Complex ingredient to support cognitive health in Canada. The combination of Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and Boswellia (Boswellia serrata)—standardized to gallic acid, ellagic acid and amyrins has been clinically proven to improve memory, increase learning rate and capacity, enhance focus and concentration, and improve overall brain function. The list of approved Nutricog claims by Health Canada include:

  • Helps to support cognitive health and/or brain function.
  • Helps to support memory.
  • Helps to support brain function.
  • Helps to support working memory and immediate recall.
  • Helps to support cognitive health and/or brain function.
  • Helps to support (working) memory and immediate recall.
  • Helps support cognitive function such as (selective) attention.
  • Helps support cognitive function in older people.
  • Helps to support verbal and visual memory.
  • Helps to support learning ability.
  • Helps to support selective attention.
  • Helps to support working memory.
  • Helps with sleep quality, over time.

Seth Flowerman, President and CEO of PLT Health Solutions, shared his thoughts on the significance of attaining the license: “The broad range of cognitive performance benefits demonstrated in our clinical study make it ideal to support memory products, focus and attention products, general brain products and more. Health Canada has a high bar for clinically supported health claims, and we are proud of the quality of science supporting this innovative and breakthrough ingredient."

JUNKLESS & Frontline Impact Project Donate Granola Bars for Teacher Appreciation Week

During Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6-10), JUNKLESS Foods is partnering with social impact platform Frontline Impact Project to give away more than 50,000 granola bars to celebrate teachers at eight school districts in the Northeast and Central United States. Educators can nominate their school district between now and May 10, 2024. This effort also includes "The JUNKLESS Excellence in Teaching Award"--winning school districts can nominate their exceptional teachers to showcase how they contribute to our communities and classrooms. Eight teachers will be recognized by JUNKLESS and Frontline Impact Project for their excellence with a $500 gift certificate and a teacher spotlight shared via social media.

"Teaching is one of the most demanding, underpaid and underappreciated professions, so we at JUNKLESS wanted to thank educators for their dedication, passion, and hard work in a small way," stated Brian Camus, President of JUNKLESS, in a press release. "Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week allows us to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts that teachers put into educating and shaping the lives of our kids and students across the nation, so we are thrilled to be donating over 50,000 granola bars and recognizing eight special people with 'JUNKLESS Excellence in Teaching Awards.'"

Swanson Probiotics for Mental Health

With Mental Health Awareness month kicking off on May 1, Swanson is spreading the word on the benefits of probiotics and gut health products for mental wellbeing. “It's widely known that nutrition plays a key role in your physical health, but nutrition directly affects our mental and emotional well-being, too," said Britta Sather, licensed nutritionist at Swanson. While not making the case that vitamins and supplements alone are solutions for mental wellness, the company is emphasizing some its products as options to help maintain emotional well-being. One option available is Dr. Stephen Langer’s Ultimate 16 Strain Probiotic, a formulation that includes prebiotic FOS and ConcenTrace Trace Minerals.

SolarPan.jpgNuherbs Powered by Solar

Nuherbs has transformed its San Leandro, CA, center of operations into a money-saving solar-powered facility. The family-owned Chinese herbs supplier has made it a point to minimize its overall environmental footprint with the reduction of its kWh by 30,000kWh due to the retrofitting of its lighting to LED. Since then, the company has installed Solar PV panels that generate more than 80,000 kWh annually. With a lifespan of more than 25 years, the initial solar panel investment will take roughly five to six years to pay back.

“We are hoping to set an example that encourages more of our peers to take significant steps, by reducing consumption, and replacing it with a cleaner alternative," said Nuherbs President Wilson Lau of the company's recent progress towards carbon neutrality.  In addition to reducing its environmental impact, Nuherbs significantly lowered its energy cost by just over $21,000 in 2023. “The next step in our plan is to add batteries, once they become more affordable, so we will generate and use our own power. With climate change-related disruptions to power grids becoming more common, this will allow us to continue operation even during power outages," said Mr. Lau of the company's next eco-friendly steps. 

SGS Nutrasource Introduces New Certification

SGS Nutrasource has added the International Algal Oil Standards (IAOS) to its Omega-3 analytics and certification portfolio. Designed for algal oil omega-3 ingredient manufacturers and finished product brands, the product certification was developed in response to the growing global interest in algal oil products. 

“By applying the same rigorous standards of our other marine oil certification programs to algal oils, we continue to highlight quality and transparency in this important, growing, dietary supplement category," said Kevin Yan, Vice President of Certifications and Analytics at SGS Nutrasource of the company's goal for setting a new industry standard in product quality. 

The new certification promotes transparency and allows consumers to feel confident about their purchase while empowering brands to produce high-quality, reliable algal oil omega-3 products. 

Epax Continues Reducing Carbon Emissions

Norwegian manufacturer of concentrated marine oils, Epax, has published its second annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, highlighting the company's progress towards reducing its carbon emissions and setting its upcoming sustainability goals. To date, Epax has managed to lower its CO2 emissions by 13.3% from 2021 to 2022 and 9% from 2022 to 2023. Mainly due to the installation of a new electric boiler, a new plant that enables the use of seawater for cooling, and increasing production yields by converting waste materials into valuable products in the food chain, the company hopes to continue its downward trajectory through 2030. Other report highlights include:

  • A 65% decrease in the amount of potable water used for cooling, with an 80% reduction (compared to 2021) targeted by 2025
  • An increase in circularity for the use of marine biomaterials to 97% (compared to a global average of just 7.2%)
  • Use of fish stocks certified by Friend of the Sea (FOS) to ensure full traceability and sustainability of raw materials
  • Goal of increasing the use of locally sourced crude oil in 2024

Tru Niagen Debuts at Sprouts Farmers Market

ChromaDex has announced the major grocery debut of its flagship product, Tru Niagen. Known amongst wellness fans for its carefully hand picked selection of healthy products, Sprouts Farmers Market will stock the product at 400 of its locations across 23 states in the women's section of its dietary supplements aisle.

“This partnership advances our mission to broaden the access of Tru Niagen to a large, health-focused consumer base and aligns with our vision to help as many people as possible transform the way they age," said Rob Fried, CEO of ChromaDex and Founder of Tru Niagen.

GOED Recognizes Third-Party Labs

The Global Organization of EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED) has a launched a Special Achievement Program to recognize third-party laboratories that have demonstrated exceptional accuracy in quantifying EPA and DHA levels in omega-3 ingredient oils and omega-3 supplement products.

Open to labs that have already taken part in the AOCS-GOED Nutraceutical Oil Laboratory Proficiency Program, the "Special Achievement" will be given for a one-year term to to qualifying laboratories after submitting their most up-to-date results for consideration. During the single year term, GOED will actively promote the title holders to its members and the public looking for testing facilities for the quantification of EPA and DHA. This program represents GOED's latest effort in its continued commitment to strengthening consumer confidence in omega-3 products.

Natural Grocers Sheds Light on Food Insecurity

Natural Grocers is teaming up with La Puente Home, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, to help the individuals and families of the Colorado San Luis Valley (SLV). The retailer will make a donation to the community organization and look to increase awareness for the program which operates as a community shelter offering various services including financial resources and case management designed to stabilize households in crisis.

Natural Grocers has a long history of fighting food insecurity most notably through its "Bring Your Own Bag" program which generates a 5¢ donation to local food banks every time a customer brings their own shopping bag to a location. The initiative has raised over $1.5 million dollars since September 2022. 

DolCas Premiers Infused Chocolate at Vitafoods Europe

DolCas Biotech, LLC will be treating guests at Vitafoods Europe 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland to its brand new Curcugen infused chocolate. The flagship curcumin ingredient, which can be used in foods and beverages, has been mixed with cocoa to create a smooth and tasty blend of two antioxidant-rich ingredients for consumers looking to seamlessly add bioactive ingredients to their daily routines.

“Increased consumer focus on health and wellness continues to drive demand for functional treats. Consumers are seeking convenient ways to incorporate bioactive ingredients into their daily routines, and functional platforms offer a flavorful and accessible option," said Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel, Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs for DolCas Biotech of the products customer appeal. 

DolCas will be handing out 2x2-inch chocolate square samples at booth N217 during the two-day event. Each square will deliver a clinically-supported dose of 500mg of Curcugen shown to support gut mobility and mood health. 

WIN Panel at Vitafoods Europe

On Tuesday, May 14, Women In Nutraceuticals (WIN) and the Naturally Proud Network will be joining forces to host the "Celebrating Inclusion Networking" event at Vitafoods Europe 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland. Open to all guests, the networking event will showcase WIN's resolution towards empowering women to develop their personal and professional potential in the industry.

A second speaking engagement, "Research Essentials for PowHERing Success in Formulating and Marketing Good Supplements for Women" is scheduled for Thursday, May 16th at the VitaFoods Mainstage. Visitors will listen in on a discussion surrounding the unique nutritional needs and concerns of women across different life stages. Guest speakers will include:

  • Julia Wiebe, Managing Director, red otc development GmbH- a Finzelberg company
  • Len Monheit, CEO, Industry Transparency Center
  • Aurore De Monclin, Strategy & Innovation Director, The Healthy Marketing Team
  • Heather Granato, President, Women in Nutraceuticals (WIN)
  • Sudipta Veeramachaneni, President, SV Scientific

Arla Foods Introduces New Concepts

Arla Foods will be introducing three new product concepts at this years Vitafoods Europe event in Geneva, Switzerland. All centered around whey protein, the company's new products include: a functional water with whey protein isolates, a multi-layered bar with high-quality whey and milk protein ingredients, and a ready-to-mix powder application that can improve day-to-day glucose control. 

With 61% of active lifestyle consumers expressing interest in functional beverages that have health benefits beyond nutrition, Arla Foods has developed ready-to-drink (RTD) solutions and powder shakes rich in essential amino acids (EAAs) and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) with botanical flavors to provide consumers with convenient, holistic, water-like refreshments offering both physical and cognitive benefits. Guests can stop by stand K122 from May 14-16 to preview the new line up.

NutriLeads Expands Distribution Into Mexico

NutriLeads BV has entered into a distribution agreement with Safe Iberoamericana, SA de CV to represent its precision probiotic for immune and gut health, Benicaros, in Mexico. The upcycled, low-dose precision prebiotic ingredient trains the innate immune system to respond better while nourishing beneficial microorganisms consistently in every type of gut ecosystem. 

Safe Iberoamericana, SA de CV is based in Mexico City and has a large network of warehouse and transportation services across the country. Armando Sagastuy, Chief Executive Officer of SAFE, shared his thoughts on the arrangement: “Partnering with a company committed to improving human health, like NutriLeads BV, reaffirms our vision of contributing to a healthier Mexico. The addition of Benicaros to SAFE´s product portfolio is the perfect complement to our health and wellness solutions. I am sure the synergy of our partnership will bring as a result benefits for the health of Mexican population and both our companies.”

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