Austin, TX—Afia,a Mediterranean food company, has released new brand positioning, packaging, and identity, according to a press release. The company—which was launched in 2017 at a farmer’s market in Austin, Texas— sells five SKUs of frozen kibbeh and falafel. It has grown distribution 340% in the last year and is now available at over 800 retail locations nationwide.

In May, Afia reached $1 million in sales at H-E-B, its first retail partner; in 2020, Afia took a $1MM Series A round from a venture capital firm.

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The company was formed by Farrah Moussallati Sibai and her husband, Yassin Sibai, using a recipe book that Moussallati Sibai’s mother-in-law brought with her when she came to America during the Syrian war, according to the press release. But the products don’t come straight from the recipe book—and now, according to Moussallati Sibai, the product branding matches that innovation: “I wanted our new packaging to have a feel for my heritage and be bright and modern just like our products, which are a fusion of our generations-old traditional recipes mixed with modern flavors.”

The new identity, designed by Preacher, takes inspiration from traditional Arabic tiles, and uses bold fonts and icons to add a modern aspect. The company will introduce the tagline “Mediterranean More Often,” and focus on the brand’s mission and Moussallati Sibai’s story.