New York, NY—The Specialty Food Association (SFA) is completely rebranding, according to a press release. The association is following its vision to “Shape the Future of Food” to an array of educational, networking, and research offerings designed to better serve the needs of its growing membership.

The new logo, an imperfect circle, “captures the constantly shifting and evolving industry and the limitless effects that food and drink have on our culture and everyday lives.” SFA hopes to leverage its strengths to convene a modern community of food, made up of not only food producers, but of buyers, distributors, and affiliated businesses, too.
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“For decades, the SFA has been at the forefront of food innovation. Our top priority is to continue offering new ways to support our always-evolving community and to help our member companies grow and succeed,” said SFA President Phil Kafarakis. “The current American appetite for clean, authentic, flavorful, and healthier foods is here to stay. Through the rebrand and our expanded offerings, we’ll be inviting in a wider range of members to fully represent the marketplace and better reflect the diversity of our consumer-focused industry.”