According to an article inUSA Today, Butterball will be releasing organic turkeys and ground turkey in time for Thanksgiving this year. While one can get organic turkey from another producer, the fact that Butterball, one of the largest turkey product companies in the country, is throwing their hat in the ring is a significant moment for organic products. Sales of organic product has been huge in recent years and according to the Organic Trade Association, sales hit $43 billion last year.

Besides the growth in organic sales, Butterball got their first taste of success in pushing more natural products last year when it first began providing antibiotic-free turkeys, which now account for 10% of the company's sales by volume. Of course, transitioning into organic is challenging because it's both expensive and time consuming. This is particularly true for a company that operates on such a huge scale.

""We're not particularly promoting the items," said Jay Jandrain, chief operating officer of the company, in the article. "We want to (avoid) a situation where we’re overselling what we produce."

We hope enough people go for the organic turkey so that Butterball is encouraged to make organic turkey a more important part of their repertoire.