NutriLeads reveals consumer insights on immunity

NutriLeadsBV shareda new consumer insightsreport revealing changing consumer views on immune health due to COVID-19. FMCG Gurus gathered research on 45,000 consumers during 2019-2022. According to the report, immune health ranked significantly more important to consumers and was perceived to have an impact on long-term health and wellbeing. Two-thirds of consumers worldwide say immune health is their top health priority over the next year. Further, 78% of consumers view poor immune health as being easily susceptible to long-term health problems, a greater number of consumers (40%) who are taking a proactive approach to their immune health, and consumers are taking a holistic approach to their wellbeing. Consumers now expect more from immune health products, with 8 in 10 reporting the top three labeling claims they want to see scientifically validated and clinically-proven (82%), multifunctional benefits (79%), and helps lead a healthy lifestyle (79%).

Quinn Snacks achieves HowGood Climate Friendly label

QuinnSnacks announced it has achieved the Climate Friendly product label from its partnerHowGood.The brand's snack products will have this label starting in 2023. Products that receive the Climate Friendly attribute have greenhouse gas emissions that are lower than 70% of all products assessed by HowGood. The new on-pack label allows consumers to easily identify products that are more sustainable. The Company seeks out ingredients that support soil health and reduce carbon emissions, and share all that information with its Ingredient Transparency Policy. Through its partnership with HowGood, Quinn is now able to further measure the impact of its ingredients and products, including its carbon footprint. 

Gelita collagen product authorized for joint health benefits

TriNutra study demonstrates benefits of ThmyoQuin for athletes

TriNutrashared findings of its study on ThymoQuin when combined with Omega-3 oil on the gut-immune axis. The study, published in the ECronicon Journal, was conducted with marathon runners who consumed 500mg of black cumin seed oil blend and 1,500mg of fish oil, the Supplement, or a placebo for one month. During the treatment period, the participants who supplemented with the ThymoQuin and the omega-3 oil blend reported significantly (-62%) fewer upper-respiratory tract complaints, better overall health and a more positive mood (+15%). The Supplemented runners had greater omega-3 blood levels, higher levels of Streptococcus thermophilus (+67%), and lower stress levels (cortisol, -37%).

Kerry launches food waste technology

Kerry has launched a tool, the Food Waste Estimator to raise awareness around food waste and food security. The tool, announced to mark the UN International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste Reduction, allows consumers and manufacturers to quantify the financial and environmental impact of food waste. It enables food manufacturers to determine the impact they can have in reducing global food waste by using shelf-life extension technology across selections.

Unibar Corporation shares research on eye health

Unibarreleased the news of a study published in the Journal of Food Biochemistry. It reveals the effects of supplementation of Capsicum on dry eye. In an animal study, researchers found that all three doses of CCA decreased IOP by a statistically significant amount. Similarly, the group that supplemented with the capsanthin, experienced significantly increased tear break-up time and volume and decreased corneal inflammation. The data confirmed it has the capacity as a strong antioxidant and its ability to help inhibit the expression of particular inflammatory cytokines was shown to create balance.

PhytoGaia to debut beauty extracts at SupplySide West 

PhytoGaiawill debut its synergistic combo of natural squalene and tocotrienol complex for oral and topical skin beauty at SupplySide West in Las Vegas. STGaia is the first natural plant-based extract with these two synergistic phytonutrients together as a complex on the market, according to the brand. This complex is derived from sustainably sourced extracts from palm fruits. It is free from carcinogenic contaminants such as Dioxins, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Benzo[a]Pyrene and adheres to European regulations.

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