Cerritos, CA–In honor of Women's Health Month, Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) is focusing on the importance of its science in benefitting the health issues effecting women today. KCG's KORESELECT plant-based products contain Korean red ginseng to help women target their personal health goals and mitigate their concerns, the company says. Potential benefits include improved blood flow, anti-inflammation properties, reduction of menopause symptoms, immunity enhancement, and improved skin health, according to the company. KGC pointed to one study showing improved blood flow after intake of red ginseng powder. 

"Women's Health Month is an important time of awareness for women and those who are dedicated to supporting women in their wellness journey," Rian (Heungsil) Lee, CEO of Korea Ginseng Corporation, explained in the release. "Increased stress, heightened burnout, disruptive allergies, less mobility, and long hours sitting while working remotely are factoring into inflammation, poor blood flow, and reduced immunity for women. Research shows Korean Red Ginseng may play a role in supporting women in addressing many of these health concerns and supporting a wide range of wellness goals." 

Convenience is also key. "Taking the active lifestyle of many women today into consideration, our KORESELECT packaging features liquid sticks and traditional capsules, making it easy to consume a premium Korean Red Ginseng product anywhere, anytime," Lee added. "Our hope is that women everywhere will feel empowered to take control of their health and incorporate the time-tested, natural solution of ginseng into their daily routines."
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