Cerritos, CA—Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC)has officially launched its KORESELECT product line in the U.S. market, according to a press release. The range of supplements, which exclusively uses six-year-grown red ginseng, will be presented at Natural Products Expo West 2022.

The line is arriving at the right time, opines Adam M. Goodman, Vice President of Sales at KGC. “With more of us working remotely, millions are sitting more and moving less, causing our legs to feel heavy and tired,” Goodman said in the press release. “Boosting healthy blood circulation is important for us. More consumers are searching for caffeine-free alternatives to get a natural energy boost without disrupting sleep. And we all want to keep our immune systems healthy and strong. KORESELECT focuses on these core wellness benefits.”

Every product in the line includes red ginseng, as well as:
  • KORESELECT Wellness: A capsule product containing Theobroma cacao bean extract, known for its ability to help reduce blood pressure and boost energy. The product is intended to boost immunity, blood circulation, memory, productivity, and mood.
  • KORESELECT Energy: A liquid stick supplement intended to help enhance focus, energy, memory, and mood.
  • KORESELECT Immune: A liquid stick supplement containing elderberry, helping to support the immune system.
  • KORESELECT Stamina: A capsule product intended to support men’s healthy performance, made with all plant-based ingredients.
  • KORESELECT Balance: A capsule product containing an herbal blend featuring peony root, bamboo leaf, and poria mushroom, intended to help relieve symptoms of menopause.

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KGC provides traditionally harvested Korean Red Ginseng. The company takes two years to condition and prepare each field for planting, allows each plant to grow for six years in order to reach its optimal state of maturity, and then allows each field to rest a full 10 years before replanting.

“Our mission at Korea Ginseng Corporation is to make people’s lives better every day by providing them with the best, traditionally harvested Korean Red Ginseng products to support our everyday lives,” Goodman continued. “Our growth into the U.S. market is a priority to us, and we look forward to meeting with other industry leaders at Expo West to discuss our collective commitment and service to the American consumer.”

KGC will be at Expo West in Hall D, at booth #4303.

“Ginseng is recognized for its benefits for our overall health,” said Goodman. “As the global leader in ginseng, we are committed to delivering a premium, high-quality product to American consumers seeking to support their overall wellness. The U.S. market has a significant appetite for quality ginseng, and we are honored to be at the forefront.”