London, England—IADSA has releaseda new “Mind the Gap” resource,this one focused on the link between vitamin D and a reduction in the risk of older adults suffering a fall.

The resource explains that falling is a risk factor for bone fractures among men and women aged 60 years and older, and cites the World Health Organization, which states that there are 37.3 million falls every year that are serious enough to require attention.

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Scientists believe that vitamin D improves muscle function, strength, and body balance, which can all help reduce the risk of falling, and lack of vitamin D has in fact been linked to an increased risk of both falling and of suffering a fracture due to a fall. The European commission has approved a health claim for vitamin D and a reduced risk of falling.

Simon Pettman, Executive Director of IADSA, commented in a press release: “The message of our latest Mind the Gap resource is simple: increasing vitamin D intake is a way to help older adults keep their bones strong and reduce the risk of suffering a fall. With many people becoming less active as a result of lockdowns and self-isolation, the central message of this new story is more important now than ever.”