Beer Sheva, Israel—Healthy blood pressure is consumers’ top cardiovascular wellness goal, according to research by Lycored. A press release from the company notes that the American Heart Association estimates that more than 100 million U.S. citizens have high blood pressure.

The company surveyed 505 men and women in the U.S. and the U.K., according to the press release. All were over the age of 50, putting them in the demographic most likely to purchase supplements for cardiovascular health (CVH).

68% ranked healthy blood pressure as one of the three CVH goals they most wanted to achieve. Other high scorers: healthy blood cholesterol levels (61%), healthy arteries (55%), and a healthy circulatory system (45%) also scored highly. 88% of consumers were aware that high levels of LDL cholesterol are considered bad for CVH, and 42% said they wanted to avoid it.
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The release notes that Lycored’s standardized tomato extract was linked to significant reductions in blood pressure in people with hypertension. That extract is the base for Cardiomato, which has been shown to help reduce levels of oxidized LDL cholesterol.

Golan Raz, Head of Lycored’s Global Health Division, said in the release: “Cardiovascular wellness is one of the most important goals for health-focused consumers. As our research shows, blood pressure and cholesterol are two of the most common concerns, and supplementation can play an important role in addressing both. The myriad active nutrients in Cardiomato work synergistically to offer significant, and scientifically substantiated, benefits for cardiovascular wellness.”