Washington, D.C.—One in seven Americans say they personally use cannabidiol (CBD) or CBD-based products, according to a Gallup poll.

Gallup also found that younger Americans and those in the Western U.S. are most likely to use these products. 20% of adults under 30 say they use CBD, but both usage and familiarity decrease based on age group: 8% of those 65 and older say they use CBD, and 49% are not familiar with it, compared to the overall average of 35%. In the Western U.S., many states have already legalized marijuana, and the people there show a higher usage of CBD: 21% in the Western U.S. compared with 13% in the South and 11% in both the East and Midwest.
Why Americans Use CBD Products
For what condition or purpose do you use CBD products?
Condition %
Pain (nonspecific) 40
Anxiety 20
Sleep/Insomnia 11
Arthritis 8
Migraines/Headaches 5
Stress 5
Muscle spasms/Soreness 4
General health (nonspecific) 4
Mental health/PTSD/ADHD/Neurological disorders 4
Recreational 4
Depression 2
Skin care 2
For pet 1
Gastrointestinal/Digestive issues 1
Inflammation 1
Other 7
No opinion 1
Based on U.S. adults who say they use CBD products. Percentages add to more than 100% due to multiple responses.
GALLUP, JUNE 19-JULY 12, 2019. Used with permission.
In terms of usage, roughly four in ten adults use CBD products for pain relief. Women are more likely than men to use them for anxiety (25% vs. 14%), and men are more likely than women to use them as sleep aids (15% vs. 8%).

Gallup concludes by noting that, while older Americans rarely use CBD, they stand to benefit the most from CBD’s pain-relieving benefits.

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Source: Gallup. Used with permission.

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