Deerfield, FL—Green Roads announced in a press release that the company has donated and coordinated delivery of the first certified hemp plants into the state of Florida in 70 years to launch the University of Florida’s (UF’s) Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences hemp pilot research program. Green Roads is also providing “hemp grow” experts to work alongside the University’s scientists at four of its research and education facilities.

“These initial 50 plants—the first to prep, propagate and plant in the state—will set a new, exciting frontier that positions Florida for great economic advantage for generations to come,” said Arby Barroso, co-founder of Green Roads, in the press release. “Our company’s investment in financial and expert resources to support the University of Florida is all about protecting both farmers and consumers, and doing this research is paramount in accomplishing that mutual goal.”

This pilot program was launched in spring 2018, the release says. It is designed to explore if industrial hemp can be a successful and sustainable crop for Florida farmers. UF scientists will study the hemp varieties suitable for planting in Florida, develop hemp management practices and cropping systems economically viable for Florida, and assess hemp invasion risk in Florida’s natural and greenhouse environments.

Florida legislators mandated that UF commit to an industry-driven and funded research program. The research is sponsored by Green Roads and aimed at understanding the physiology and propagation of the hemp plant, particularly those with a high level of CBD.

Barroso added: “This is truly a monumental moment for farmers. This research will allow farming family legacies to continue and thrive with its youngest generations and birth new opportunities for others. Additionally, it will increase agricultural jobs across the state and launch and/or grow industries that support the farmers and those utilizing their crops for product development, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and sales.”

Barroso also noted in the release that the reason Green Roads invests in such high-quality research is to be sure that Green Roads and other companies have access to ample supplies of highest quality hemp-based extracts and by-products for production of consumer products and other applications.