Portland, OR—New Seasons Market, a B Corp that was named 2010 WholeFoods Magazine Retailer of the Year, has announced a new executive leadership structure designed to position the company for its next phase of growth. The changes are intended to support the company’s investment in staff, customers, partners and local communities. Co-president Forrest Hoffmaster is assuming the role of chief executive officer, and co-president Kristi McFarland is taking on the role of chief strategy officer, responsible for building meaningful business strategy tied to the company mission, which falls in line with their status as the world’s first B Corp grocery store.

Hoffmaster said in a press release, “We’ve had a successful year coming together around our mission. We have passionate and dedicated staff and an incredible purpose-driven leadership team committed to the long-term health of our organization, staying true to our founder-inspired values and being a leader in the industry.”

McFarland said, “With diverse experience and perspectives around the table we ensure that our customers, communities, staff, vendors and business sustainability efforts are embedded in every decision we make. We have an incredible team in place to champion our mission and create positive, sustainable outcomes in our local food system.”

New Seasons, along with New Leaf Community Markets, is the world’s first B Corp grocer. In an effort to be the good in the world, the stores recently announced that they would give a 15% discount to furloughed and unpaid federal workers in their communities during the shutdown, to last until employees receive their first post-shutdown paycheck. The markets additionally offer a 10% senior discount every Wednesday, and New Seasons offers a 10% military discount for veterans and current service members every Tuesday. New Seasons customers can make a donation at the register to each store’s local hunger relief partner any time they shop, contributing to non-profit organizations ranging from food pantries and soup kitchens to home garden programs for food insecure families.