New Seasons Market and New Leaf Community Markets will continue to offer federal government employees a 15% discount until they receive their first post-shutdown paycheck, Julie Teune, senior manager of PR & external communications for both grocers told WholeFoods.

When asked about the potential of another shutdown in the coming weeks, Teune said: “The plan is to reassess how permanent the end to the shutdown looks at the point workers get their first paycheck, and to just continue offering it if it looks like the shutdown will resume in a couple weeks. We want to make sure community members are getting what they need!”

The two grocers announced in a press release before the shutdown ended that, thanks to a conversation with employees, they would grant federal employees carrying an employee ID a 15% discount on most items throughout the shutdown.

The only items not covered by the discount, Teune said, would be those regulated by the state or federal government, such as postage stamps and bus passes.