City of Industry, CA -AIDP and Algaia are introducing Satialgine DVA, a new alginate line that can be used to enhance texture in both vegan and non-vegan desserts. Satialgine is a seaweed extract that provides a rich and creamy profile. The product is directed towards consumers who have dairy and egg sensitivities, follow a vegan diet, or are looking for low-fat alternatives to high-fat foods.

In the past, manufacturers have struggled with preventing alginate from interacting with calcium. The Satialgine series offers a solution to this issue. Satialgine DVA is also inexpensive to produce because it exhibits solubility at low temperatures, which helps manufacturers save time and energy, preserves sensitive vitamins and flavors, and reduces fat oxidation, according to the company.

In order to ensure freshness and a local supply of the raw material, Algaia harvests its own brown algae only a few miles away from its plant in Brittany, France. The company also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and need for seaweed preservation time by minimizing transportation time prior to processing.

“We’re excited to support Algaia’s efforts to promote this remarkable ingredient in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. One of the biggest demands is for clean label ingredients in food technology, the alginate products have many opportunities for applications in food manufacturing,” said AIDP President Mark Thurston, in a statement announcing the partnership.