TSI’s sports nutrition ingredient PEAK ATP significantly improves exercise performance 30 minutes after intake, according to a new study.

The randomized, placebo-controlled, dose-ranging crossover study was performed on 20 men in their late 20s, who completed four sets of resistance training exercise until movement failure, with two minutes of rest between sets. The researchers, at Brazil’s Federal University of Piauí, evaluated the benefits of 100mg, 200mg, and 400mg doses of PEAK ATP.

“This study confirmed our previous results which showed that one-time supplementation of ATP (as PEAK ATP) improved training performance, as measured by the number of set repetitions and total weight lifted,” said study co-investigator Ralf Jager, Ph.D., in a press release. “The 400 mg dose was established as the minimum effective dose, with 200 mg and 100 mg doses showing no significant effect. However, participants in the 100 mg group reported significant benefits on the rate of perceived exertion: the feeling of how easy it feels to work out. It is very unique for one ingredient to be able to deliver this benefit, especially at such a low dose.”

PEAK ATP is a patented form of ATP disodium, identical in structure to ATP produced and used by the human body.

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“For consumers to feel the differences after a single dose, and during the first set, is a substantial brand benefit,” commented TSI Group President Larry Kolb. “These results confirm the immediate benefits of PEAK ATP for athletes, weekend warriors and everyday exercisers. We feel that there is a huge advantage for consumers who are able to feel the performance benefit from the first use onward, instead of waiting for weeks for supplementation to take full effect. PEAK ATP helps exercisers to push harder during high-intensity and/or exhaustive exercise. And because PEAK ATP supports increased work volume, it can help anyone make the most of time spent exercising. This is crucial to helping everyday people exercise harder and more frequently as they pursue their long-term wellness goals.”