Be'er Sheva, IsraelA studypublished in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that Lumenato golden-tomato extract oral capsules significantly improve dark spots, skin elasticity, and brightness after three months. Positive skin benefits were reported to last two weeks after treatment concluded. The administration of carotenoids elevates the levels of skin filaggrin protein, which improves skin barrier and skin hydration, smoothness, and firmness, as well as reduces fine lines and wrinkles, according to study authors.

This two-part study was conducted by the Helsinki Committee of the Soroka University Medical Center. Lumenato contains carotenoids with the ability to absorb light in the UV wavelengths and provide anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation results, according to a press release. They were therefore evaluated for their potential to restore skin to more youthful appearance. 

This study’s results emphasized published data about carotenoid levels, according to the release. For example, baseline levels of phytoene were reported as very low, according to researchers. However, these levels “increased significantly” at a rate of nearly four times within one week of taking the oral supplements. By the third and fourth weeks, plasma levels of phytoene were five times higher than baseline levels. Comparably, the levels of phytofluene and zeta-carotene “increased significantly after treatment with Lumento,” according to researchers.

Among the results recorded were these average scores:
  • There was a 21% improvement in evenness of skin tone.
  • Skin appeared 29.75% brighter.
  • Dark spots of the face reduced by 10.96%.
  • Periorbital dark circles appeared to diminish by 17.9%.
  • There was a highly significant improvement in skin elasticity (21.54%) and firmness (27.18%) after using the supplement.
  • There was a perceived improvement in skin hydration and 18.18% improvement in the texture of the skin after 12 weeks of supplementation.
  • There was a significant improvement (12.97%) in wrinkles and fine lines after 12 weeks.
  • There was a significant improvement (28.22%) in the overall condition of participant’s skin.
  • There was a statistically significant improvement of 74.6% and 65.08% for healthy and attractive skin reported. These perceptions continued to show improvement two weeks post-treatment.
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“There are many ways to measure the effectiveness of products for the skin, but ultimately it’s the experience of consumers that matters," said Elizabeth Tarshish, Head Of Clinical Affairs, Claims Development at Lycored, in the release. "We were delighted that the people taking part in this trial reported such clear results from Lumenato, and that they continued to notice them even after supplementation had ended. It’s exciting to see consumers noticing that kind of lasting effect, which demonstrates the continuous skin nourishment that carotenoids can provide.