A study conducted at the Hebrew University Hadassah School of Dental Medicine in Israel and published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistryfound that taking a daily dose of Kyolic aged garlic extract (AGE) can reduce the symptoms of Gingivitis.

The four-month study, titled "The Efficacy of Aged Garlic Extract on Gingivitis – A Randomized Clinical Trial," by Avraham Zini et al., was performed on 134 people suffering from gingivitis. Half of the participants were given a daily dose of 2.4g AGE and the other half ingested a placebo pill for the entire length of the experiment. Effects of gingivitis such as inflammation and bleeding were monitored periodically. Researchers found that AGE group showed a significant reduction in both inflammation and bleeding.

“This unexpected finding adds more evidence of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract’s ability to improve health from head to toe,” said Jay Levy, Director of Sales for Wakunaga of America, in a press release. The Wakunaga group is a manufacturer and researcher of medicinal herbs located in California.

“Earlier research has pointed to AGE’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions for much of its ability to benefit a variety of health conditions. Now we can include oral health,” Levy continued.

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Explained

Kyolic AGE is harvested from Wakunaga’s farms in Central California according to the release. The garlic is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. The garlic is then harvested, cleaned, and sliced before being placed in specialized stainless steel containers where it is aged for up to 20 months.