Mission Viejo, CA—Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) may improve microcirculation and wound healing in those with heart disease or type 2 diabetes, according to new research conducted at Lund University’s Skåne University Hospital in Sweden.

The study was published in theInternational Wound Journal.Researchers suggested 122 patients at risk for cardiovascular problems. The participants were randomized to receive either 2,400mg of AGE or a placebo for 12 months.
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The study found improved microcirculation in the AGE group, especially in those with an increased risk of a cardiovascular event like heart attack or stroke. The study concludes: “The present study demonstrates that 12 months of AGE supplement may preserve and even improve the microcirculation measured by LDV as seen in Figure 3. The effect might be because of an inhibition of the atherosclerosis process, but also by potentially affecting vascular tone and endothelial function. Preserving or even increasing the microvascular blood flow and cutaneous tissue perfusion may hypothetically facilitate wound healing.”

“These findings could prove to be extremely good news for anyone diagnosed with cardiovascular disease—and especially people with type 2 diabetes,” said Jay Levy, Director of Sales for Wakunaga of America. “Compromised wound healing is a common problem among diabetics. The ability of Kyolic AGE to enhance microcirculation at the site of wounds could help prevent infection and other serious complications.”