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In this interview with Ross Pelton ( we will discuss the nutrients that help support skin structure and function. There are a wide variety of skin issues and concerns. This is not a one size fits all discussion. If you have a particular problem with your skin your will need to focus on that concern in particular. That is beyond the scope of this discussion.

Ross will discuss the challenges that many people face with skin health. No matter the particular issue you face, you need to consider nourishing your body. It is critical to understand that for your skin to be healthy you must be well nourished. Ross will discuss some of the most important nutrients and lifestyle factors that will affect skin health.

The first step in restoring healthy skin is to examine your lifestyle and diet to identify those areas that can be improved. For example, smokers have bad skin. That is perhaps one of the most obvious examples, but it represents the lifestyle choices that are detrimental to good health. Each person has to examine their lifestyle to determine what needs attention. Seek to understand what your body needs for health and seek that.

Most people understand how probiotics can help support healthy digestion and the immune system. Did you know that beneficial microorganisms have other effects in the human body? They can even be found living on the surface of the skin. Unfortunately many of today’s skin care products disrupt dermal pH and probiotic balance. Now, with Dr. Ohhira’s beauty products you can experience a skin care program that supports pH balance and leaves skin naturally replenished.


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