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VitaminsThis interview is largely about the new approach to multi-vitamins as Dr. Tieraona Low Dog explains in her new book Fortify Your Life. Dr. Low Dog and MegaFood worked long and hard to create products that will meet most basic nutritional needs. In this interview Dr. Erin Stokes will discuss the rationale behind the new MegaFood formulas.

The approach is basically this; the multi-vitamin is two per day and is age and gender specific. There is no calcium in the multi-vitamin as calciumVitamins Jarsis impossible to get in significant amounts in most multi-vitamins. MegaFood developed a separate calcium bone formula that is designed to let you adjust the calcium to your specific needs and to get enough calcium to make a difference in the formula. Separating the multi from the calcium helps ensure you will get the best amount of both.

MultivitaminsAnother common problem with multi-vitamins is that they are very high in some vitamins and very low in others. MegaFood dosages are in the range of the recommended daily values and designed to provide most nutrients in significant amounts relative to the referenced daily value. The nutrients are in the forms most easily utilized as well. MegaFood nutrients are in food state form and are easily digested by people, even with the most sensitive stomachs.

MegaFood has also partnered with organic growers throughout the U.S. to provide the best food state nutrients, guaranteeing that MegaFood products contain the many phyto-nutrients as found in whole, organic foods.

Dr Erin StokesIn this interview with Dr. Erin Stokes, you will learn about how Dr. Low Dog and MegaFood have addressed some of these issues with common multi-vitamins. One large bonus of MegaFood is that their products are easily digested, even by those with the most sensitive stomach.


Steve LankfordSteve Lankford is the host of Steve has over 40 years oexperience in the natural products industry. His passion is helping others develop nutritional programs that work. At, Steve interviews the experts in the fields of science and nutrition. His in depth explorations and consumer friendly style are designed help listeners learn about the science of nutrition. His guests are some of the most respected experts in the natural products industry.

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Posted in WholeFoods Magazine online 2/1/2017