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Digestive_HealthIt seems everyone is excited by probiotics and the microbiome. The role of probiotics in human health is driving research and this new and emerging research is revealing astounding and far-reaching benefit beyond the digestive tract.


The average consumer is usually years behind current research. It takes years for a nutrient to emerge into the general awareness. Consider the emergence of probiotics. What is now known by many consumers is that probiotics are beneficial for digestive health. We now know this based on previous research done years, even decades, in the past. In this interview with Jolie, you are going to learn about some of the current research on probiotics. It is possible that some of what we discuss in this interview will become common knowledge in the future. The point is that we now have great confidence in the importance of probiotics for digestion and immune support. Recent clinical studies suggest far-reaching lifetime benefits of probiotics beginning with birth and throughout life. Jolie will discuss some of these studies.


As we review the science, the important basic concept is that a healthy microbiome is the goal. The benefits that we discover are available to all of us when we maintain a healthy digestive environment and microbiome. Please don’t think of probiotics as drugs that you take because you have a problem. You take probiotics because the benefits of a healthy digestive system are far-reaching and powerful. Supplements nourish the body. With a proper microbiome your body is designed to achieve symbiosis.Symbiosis is defined as interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.


Steve LankfordSteve Lankford is the host of Steve has over 40 years of experience in the natural products industry. His passion is helping others develop nutritional programs that work. At, Steve interviews the experts in the fields of science and nutrition. His in depth explorations and consumer friendly style are designed help listeners learn about the science of nutrition. His guests are some of the most respected experts in the natural products industry.

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Posted in WholeFoods Magazine online 9/5/2016