In this keynote session from the Naturally Informed virtual event Microbiome: Mastering the MarketDr. Harriët Schellekens discusses cutting-edge science. Dr. Schellekens, a lecturer at the Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience, a principal investigator with Food for Health Ireland, and a funded investigator at APC Microbiome Ireland, at University College Cork, investigates the impact of diet and nutrition and the gut microbiome on human health and physiology, in particular in the context of obesity, stress and aging.

Dr. Schellekens focuses on mechanistic and translational studies bridging basic and clinical aspects of neuroscience and nutrition to investigate the concept of the link between metabolic disease and mental health across the lifespan. Her laboratory investigates the mechanism of the bi-directional communication of the microbiota-gut-brain axis, and in this talk she shares the latest.

Tune in for key insights from Mechanistic Mining of the Microbiome for Metabolic and Mental Health

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