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My interview with Mark J. Kaylor.

Over the last few years mushrooms have been gaining a wider acceptance in the West for their “medicinal” or health supporting benefits. With their roots firmly entwined in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is not surprising that Cordyceps, Reishi, and the other commonly used mushrooms in Asia, are also more extensively used and familiar in the West as well.

Tremella fuciformis, aptly named and also known as ‘white jelly leaf,’ is a traditional Yin tonic in TCM, and while not well known in the West there are over 100 published scientific papers on the use of this mushroom. Tremella is said to have an affinity for the skin, lungs, stomach, and kidneys. It is an excellent remedy to consider whenever you need to bring moisture back to the body; examples of this include dry cough, dry skin, vaginal dryness and even dry eyes. (It makes a wonderful remedy for contact wearers who always have to put drops in their eyes.)

Research suggests possible benefits for its use with cervical and uterine cancers when used in conjunction with radiation treatment. Red blood cells and bone marrow cells can be damaged by radiation treatment; Tremella provides protection to these cells while also increasing production of red blood cells.

Tremella also offers significant immune support. In a comparison study of mushrooms for their anti-tumor activity, Tremella came in a close second at an 81% tumor inhibition rate to Maitake’s 86.3% inhibition rate.

Powdered dried Tremella was shown to significantly lower total cholesterol and LDL in a rat study.

Tremella has demonstrated the ability to hydrate the skin better and longer than hyaluronic acid and it has also been shown to increase the production of antioxidants by skin cells. (Note: you can find Tremella in a supplement form for beauty from the inside out as well as in face creams)