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Most people think of inflammation as unhealthy. Inflammation is associated with pain and many chronic conditions. It is not usually thought of by most people as a healthy process. For the average person, inflammation is something to get rid of. So what do we mean by healthy inflammation? For me, understanding the role of inflammation is foundational and critical for achieving long term health.

Inflammation is a vital healing process in your body. Inflammation is not a disease. Inflammation is a state. Your body is in an inflamed condition for some reason. You may be in an inflamed condition because of an allergy, or twisted ankle, or heart disease.  Inflammation is your body trying to fix something that is wrong. Fix the problem and inflammation will subside. So your goal should be to achieve and maintain a healthy inflammation response.

How does one maintain a healthy inflammation?

You first target the structure and function of the parts of your body that are involved. If you have cardiovascular issues, you develop a nutritional program that supports healthy heart structure and function. Nutrition does not treat disease. Nutrition nourishes the body.

Second you take nutrients that help support a healthy inflammatory response. You can manage inflammation while you seek to repair and heal. As your condition and health status improves your inflammation will subside. Curcumin and fish oil are perhaps the two most notable nutrients.

In this interview with Dr. Erin Stokes, we will discuss the concept of a healthy inflammation response. We will also specifically discuss turmeric and curcumin. In this interview we will help you understand the difference between turmeric and curcumin and how you can incorporate both into your supplement program.

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Published by WholeFoods Magazine Online, 6/29/2015