As the holiday parties come to a close, for some people, the sleeping bears of allergic and autoimmune reactions come fully awake. Gluten, lactose, eggs, peanuts, and shellfish can wreak havoc, even if accidentally eaten in small amounts.

If we’re talking auto-immune reaction then we’re talking damage control and repair, not just detox. For the average person, 7 to 10 days generally helps hit the reset button. For medical types of reaction, plan much longer.Tip:symptoms disappearing aren’t a good measuring stick; the body may need months to rid itself of harmful antibodies.

Basic Essentials:
  1. Lemon water (preferably slightly warm and for the morning).
  2. Lots of pure, clean water throughout the day. Tip: Add a tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll. This will help repair and renew simultaneously.
  3. Needless to say, avoid toxic food and drink
Easy Detox:
  1. As much pure organic, raw food as possible. Doesn’t need to be 100% raw, even 50% will create an auto-detox effect. Leafy greens such as dandelion, Swiss chard, bok choy, and watercress help to cleanse & restore. Lots of fiber from leafy greens will also help move things along naturally.
  2. Great food combining improves digestion and simplifies cleansing.
  3. Add liquid trace minerals to smoothies, green drinks, and cold soups.
  4. Magnesium. A teaspoon in powder form added to water makes it easy to digest. Magnesium can also single-handedly solve insomnia, but also helps to relieve the stress a body goes through when it’s been hit with a food intolerance.
  5. Turmeric, to help bring down inflammation. Mix with honey to supercharge it then add warm coconut milk to make a soothing tea or spices and healthy oils such as MCT, flax, avocado, walnut or olive oil to create a salad dressing.
Damage Control and Full Repair:
  1. Juice Cleanses (consult a qualified practitioner if cleansing for longer than 3-5 days). Helpful if the digestive system needs a full rest. An alternative to a juice cleanse is mono-eating for 2 weeks. Since mono-eating is still food the digestive system won’t be on its usual overdrive.
  2. Daily Probiotics. Quality matters so ignore the marketing traps of sugar loaded over-processed yogurts and such. Ask your supplement specialist to explain the difference in various brands. Food alternate: sauerkraut (just a few spoons before lunch and dinner provide pre- and probiotics).
  3. Colostrum (lozenge form if possible). People have reversed Crohn’s Disease taking colostrum for 6-12 months; imagine what it can do for someone just trying to bounce back from a “bad food hit.” Excellent gut repair. Tip: food contamination or not, colostrum is a necessity for those who were never breast fed.
Note: Our soil/food are so depleted of nutrients, getting into the habit of adding trace minerals to smoothies a few times a week is smart and so simple!

IMPORTANT:For those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have high blood pressure, or underweight — always work with a qualified health care practitioner before embarking on any detox plan.

Happy Detoxing!

Jaqui Karr, CGP, CSN, CVD, is a best-selling author, speaker, and corporate consultantJaqui Karr who specializes in educating about gluten, celiac disease, specialty diets, and health through nutrition. Her popular “NakedFood” brand has helped thousands include more power raw and healing greens in their diet. Ms. Karr is a certified gluten practitioner, certified sports nutritionist, and certified vegan/vegetarian educator to dietitians.

Note: The statements presented in this column should not be considered medical advice or a way to diagnose or treat any disease or illness. Dietary supplements do not treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always feel the advice of a medical professional before altering your daily dietary regimen. The opinions presented here are those of the writer. 

Published in WholeFoods Magazine Online, 12/28/16