Austin, TX—The Whole Foods Market Trends Council has revealed its predictions for 2023’stop 10 food trends. What does the council, which is made up of more than 50 Whole Foods Market team members, including local foragers, regional and global buyers, and culinary experts, see on the horizon for the year ahead? Look to yaupon-infused beverages, produce packed pastas, repurposed pulp, and climate-conscious callouts to capture buzz.

“Our trends predictions are an exciting look at where we believe both product innovation and customer preferences are headed in the coming year,” said Sonya Gafsi Oblisk, Chief Marketing Officer at Whole Foods Market, in a press release. "We anticipate seeing these trends in the food industry at large, on dinner tables, in lunch boxes and on our store shelves. We’re thrilled to see things like baked goods withupcycledpulp from plant-basedmilks and ingredients like farmed kelp continue to gain popularity. From product labels that include sustainability efforts to poultry and egg suppliers that are leading the way in animal welfare, many of this year’s trends predictions showcase brands on a mission to make a true impact. We look forward to watching these trends come to life in our aisles in 2023.”

The top emerging food trends

New Brew: Yaupon

Indigenous Americans brewed yaupon into herbal tea, according to the release. The brand council shares, "With its mild, earthy flavor and unique benefits, yaupon has become increasingly popular—in Austin, home of Whole Foods Market headquarters, bartenders are even experimenting with yaupon on cocktail menus."

Pulp with Purpose

The Whole Foods Market trend spotters report that by upcycling by-products like oat, soy, and almond pulp, brands are creating new products for bakers, such as alternative flours, baking mixes, and ready-to-eat sweet treats.

Produce Meets Pasta

Plant-based pasta alternatives with ingredients like spaghetti squash, hearts of palm, and green bananas are gaining popularity.

The Great Date

As the trend council shares, dates are hot. "The dehydrated fruit is having a major renaissance as a sweetener—not only for at-home bakers, but also in the form of pastes and syrups, and hidden in everything from ketchup to overnight oats."

A Poultry Revolution

Consumers prioritizing animal welfare when shopping for poultry and eggs.

Help From Kelp

As consumers look for alternative ingredients and experiment with new flavors, nutrient-rich, eco-friendly kelp-inspired foods are gaining popularity.

What else is trending?

Get Whole Foods Markets full top 10 list, along with brands that deliver on the trends,here. And if you want to sample the goodness, the retailer is bringing back the Trends Discovery Box, according to the press release. This curated assortment includes 10 products to represent each of the 10 trends in the forecast. Boxes are available for $30 for a limited time

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