LondonThe Sustainable Foods Summit is returning to San Francisco on January 24-25, 2024. The 14th North American edition will discuss approaches to move to circularity in the food industry. The event will focus on the role of regenerative agriculture, nature-positive methods, and upcycling in the move to circular systems. 2024_SFS_email_sig_NA_20230815.jpg

Key topics to be discussed at the Sustainable Foods Summit 

  • What are the opportunities with regenerative agriculture and nature-positive methods?
  • How can food and beverage firms innovate with sustainable ingredients?
  • What developments are happening with upcycled foods?
  • What new sustainability schemes and labels are emerging?
  • What are the sustainable packaging alternatives to single-use plastics?
  • How can operators reduce waste and close their material loops?

These questions and more will be addressed in this executive summit. Request the full schedule here.

The Sustainable Foods Summit has been covering  sustainability issues in the food industry since 2009. The event, which is organized by Ecovia Intelligence, takes place in the major geographic regions. Other editions are hosted in Europe (4-5 July, Amsterdam), the Asia-Pacific (Singapore), and Latin America (São Paulo).

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