Natural Marketing Institute released its 2023 State of Sustainability in America Consumer Insights and Trends Report, featuring consumer insights and trends.NMI’s research shows consumers continue to hold strong attitudes toward environmental protection and are taking small, progressive steps toward more environmentally friendly behaviors. Though consumers have anxiety about global issues, NMI notes, adopting green behaviors generates a sense of control and purpose for the greater good.

Consumers are making purchases based on a growing set of values, from toxin-free to fair trade

Topics covered in the sustainability report:

  • Issues that resonate most with consumers regarding planetary health.
  • How varying groups view sustainability and motives.
  • Behaviors consumers are adopting to live more sustainably.
  • Consumer attitudes toward plastic and packaging.
  • Interest in corporate initiatives.
  • Sustainable product purchase and interest in environmentally friendly versions of categories
  • ...and more

 Sustainability report methodology:

  • 4,013 U.S. adults 
  • Fielded September 2022
The report can be orderedhere.

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