Vista, CA—Dr. Bronner’s marked the 9th year of its philanthropy program towards ending animal suffering and exploitation for food. Dr. Bronner’s has contributed an estimated $4 million between 2013 and 2022 to groups working to reduce animal suffering.  “We approach animal advocacy work as an ecosystem of myriad efforts and strategies, with many paths toward one goal: a better world for all animals,” said David Bronner, Dr. Bronner’s Cosmic Engagement Officer (CEO). “We support everything from plant-based nutrition education, legislation to ban inhumane factory farm practices, animal sanctuaries, and undercover investigations that expose the worst abuses on factory farms, among other tactics. We are committed to this work for the climate, for the Earth, for animals, and for our humanity.”

Just a few of the focuses, and organizations helping to make a difference:

Providing Sanctuary & Modeling Alternatives

In 2022, Dr. Bronner’s partnered with LUSH, Sara Murray, Stray Dog Institute, and others in a matching campaign that raised $150,000 to support programs from VINE. This includes: theIn Contextpodcast for the Unchained network and VINE's Pride Month Vegan Challenge.  “As an LGBTQ-led animal sanctuary, we illuminate the connections between speciesism, and homophobia and transphobia, and build bridges between the animal and LGBTQ+ liberation movements through initiatives like the Pride Month Vegan Challenge,” said Pattrice Jones, Co-founder of VINE Sanctuary. “Dr. Bronner’s financial support helps us continue this imperative work, and we are proud to be aligned with this mission-driven brand.”

Animal Welfare & Plant-Based Lifestyles

Dr. Bronner’s also aims to advance animal welfare and promote plant-based lifestyles. To this end, the work of Animal Outlook and Farm Forward have helped expose abuses in the animal transport industry and the humanewashing of factory-farmed animal products. "Animal Outlook is proud of its long partnership with Dr. Bronner's to protect animals and create a more compassionate food system,” said Cheryl Leahy, Executive Director of Animal Outlook. “To revolutionize our relationship with animals, as a society, it takes a collaborative effort between nonprofits, corporations, and individuals to all do our part. Dr. Bronner's has shown unwavering commitment to a better, vegan future by being a foundational partner to Animal Outlook, which has enabled our collective impact to grow." Andrew deCoriolis, Executive Director of Farm Forward, added, “We’re grateful for Dr. Bronner’s support of our work to end factory farming, and particularly our campaign to expose humanewashing. For consumers to have a voice in our food system they first need to understand where their food actually comes from, which is why truth-in-labeling matters so much. Dr. Bronner’s model of ethical sourcing, and support as an advocacy partner is invaluable to us.”

Animal Advocacy for Social & Racial Justice

At Dr. Bronner’s, animaladvocacyis approached through a holistic lens. As the company explains, animaladvocacyand plant-based lifestyle education are part of a greater movement for social justice. Sharing this view: Black Veg Society, which provides education and resources to predominantly Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities about the benefits of plant-based diets and veganism. “We’re grateful for Dr. Bronner’s support of Black Veg Society which has helped fund a range of community education efforts, including free cooking demos, wellness classes, and special community events to spur engagement in vegan and plant-based campaigns and coalitions among People of Color,” said Naijha Wright-Brown, Executive Director of Black Veg Society, .  

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