Vista CA—Dr. Bronner's announced its support ofWeed Like Change, a campaign that aims to educate the public about the environmental benefits ofregenerative organic farmingin thecannabisindustry. The campaign is taking place in Oregon and California from April 11 to July 11, 2022, and in support of the initiative Dr. Bronner's has produced limited edition"Weed Like Change" labelsfor its 4 oz. Castille Liquid Soap, which will be distributed in California and Oregon.

"Small-scale legacy cannabis farmers fear they are at risk of extinction," said David Bronner, Cosmic Engagement Officer of Dr. Bronner's, in a press release. "To keep these farmers in business as well as for the broader health of people and planet, it is imperative for cannabis consumers to choose sun-grown regenerative organic cannabis. We need to transition the global food system and the cannabis industry to regenerative organic agriculture and away from the dominant carbon intensive industrial model that threatens the livelihood of small-scale farmers."

The Weed Like Change campaign was designed to support farmers in the regenerative organic cannabis business, specifically those at risk of losing their business, due to being priced out by "indoor-grown, chemical-intensive cannabis and prohibitive regulatory schemes." The campaign is deigned to strengthen the market for cannabis from regenerative organic farms and to increase consumer awareness and demand for ethical, ecological and sun-grown practices.
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Dr. Bronner's is backing this effort as the company is committed to regenerative organic agriculture and drug policy reform as a social justice issue. The company also supports the passage of the MORE Act, which would decriminalize cannabis on the federal level and authorize a 5% federal sales tales on cannabis, creating an "Opportunity Trust Fund" for three grant programs. The purpose of these programs is to offer services to the "individuals most adversely impacted by the War on Drugs," and small cannabis businesses owned by individuals of color.

The limited edition "Weed Like Change" soap bottles will be given out for free at campaign education events, encouraging consumers to show support for regenerative organic cannabis products.
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