Boulder, CO—Better Nutrition Magazine has announced the launch of its free e-commerce solution for independent natural products retailers. "We’ve been working diligently on this program for a year now, and we are excited to see it come together at such a critical and challenging time for our industry,” said Rob Lutz, General Manager of Active Interest Media’s (AIM) Retail Group.

The initial intention was to develop a cost effective solution for retailers struggling to compete with Amazon and other online resellers, Lutz told WholeFoods Magazine. "We hear from so many of our retail partners that the lost revenue is significant, and that it is the biggest pain point they face," said Lutz. "And until now, it has been cost prohibitive for retailers to provide their own e-commerce, not to mention the hassles associated with maintaining the necessary inventory levels, shipping, returns and credit card processing."

The program was being developed before the COVID-19 public health crisis, but its launch is timely, as it can support retailers as they face new challenges resulting from the pandemic, including issues related to inventory, foot traffic, curbside pick-up, and more.  Lutz explained, "This e-commerce program can provide a boost to retailer revenues and a way for shoppers to support their local health food store during this crisis, as well as support our retail partners and help them address sales lost to Amazon and other online competitors."

Better Nutrition partnered with Emerson Ecologics, a distributor of dietary supplements in the health practitioner channel. "Emerson’s Wellevate e-commerce platform has been serving practitioners and their patients' needs for five years, and has helped practitioners address many of the same challenges our retail partners face," Lutz said. "Wellevate is proven and now the majority of the best retail brands are available to retail customers through our partnership. We’ve put the program together in such a way that it costs the retailer nothing."

How it works: The program is free to Better Nutrition's retail partners, and can be added to a store's existing website or Facebook page. Additionally, retailers can offer the brands they already sell in their store, or the entirety of the 35,000 products in Wellevate’s catalog. The funds are deposited directly into the retailer's bank account. For more information, contact
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