Haddonfield, NJ—Reviva Labs is looking to help solve problems for independent retailers and consumers.

The problem:COVID-19 put a stop to in-store demos and forced shelf-based product testers to be removed. Reviva paused its brand ambassador in-store demo program in mid-March 2020 and supported the removal of in-store shelf-based testers shortly after, the company explained in a press release. But without the ability to “sample” products, while adhering to other shopping restrictions, consumers don't have the same opportunities to experience and experiment with new skin care products like they did pre-pandemic.

Reviva's solution:The company launched its 30+30 Sampling Promotion, which provides 30 “free” individual use samples, along with 30 pamphlets, to help shoppers explore and learn about Reviva’s skin care offerings—and try those products in the comfort of their own homes. Independent retailers can qualify to receive one box of 30 samples + 30 pamphlets for every two case packs of Reviva products they purchase, up to a limit of five free 30+30 sample boxes per order.

“We wanted to keep shoppers excited while helping independent retailers generate good will among their customers,” said Jeri Trachtman, Reviva Labs’ VP of Sales, in the release, which points out that Reviva, a family operation that has been a strong supporter of independent retailers since its beginning, understands the struggles small entrepreneurs encounter.

Reviva worked with its distributors to unveil this new free sample promotion, which initially targets smaller “family businesses” and independent retailers. Bill Levins, President of Reviva Labs, explained,  “The desire is to help retailers continue to engage their customers and to keep introducing shoppers to Reviva’s affordable, effective skin care."

The program kicked off on March 23, but Trachtman said the company is making it retroactive to “orders” starting from March 1, 2021. The program is slated to run throughout 2021, and Reviva says it may be expanded and extended if it proves to be popular. To participate, independent brick and mortar retailers can contact their favorite distributor sales rep or Reviva directly. Samples will ship directly from Reviva, with proof of qualifying orders. Reviva also noted that, initially, sample supplies may be limited. More information can be foundhere.
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