Company Description
Started in 1989, Reed’s created the first commercially made brewed soda ever. Going back to home-brewed recipes for ginger ales and root beers from the 1800s, Reed’s started brewing fresh ginger, exotic spices and fruit juices to make its famous drinks.

Reed’s and Virgil’s brands have been the top selling natural sodas in natural foods for the last 20 years. Now, the company also offers Reed’s Culture Club Kombucha.

Key Market Areas
• Natural Sodas
• Kombucha
• Celebration Drinks
• Ginger Candies

Major Products
Reed’s Ginger Brews: Six handcrafted, freshly brewed ginger ales brewed from fresh ginger, fruit juices, exotic spices and sweetened with raw cane.

Virgil’s Natural Sodas: Virgil’s natural sodas are “so pure you’ll swear they were made in heaven.” Considered by many to be the finest root beer in the world, Virgil’s is now available in a full line of natural sodas including a zero-calorie stevia-sweetened variety.

Reed’s Culture Club Kombuchas: Come in eight flavors such as Hibiscus Grapefruit Ginger or Coconut Water Lime Kombucha. Each batch is brewed in spring water and uses oolong and yerba mate tea. The product is live, raw and organic; it is full of probiotics and beneficial enzymes, organic acids and vitamins.

Reed’s Ginger Candies: Reed’s Crystallized Ginger comes in plain and chocolate covered and our two Reed’s Ginger Chews come in plain and peanut butter.

What’s New?
Our new Reed’s Culture Club Kombucha is live, raw and organic. It is made with spring water and oolong and yerba mate tea. It is quickly becoming one of the top-selling Kombuchas in the country.

Also, our new Chocolate Crystallized Ginger Candy is made with just three ingredients: fresh baby ginger, raw sugar and raw chocolate liquor. It’s the best!

Reed’s, Inc.
13000 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90061
Tel.: (310)217-9400
Fax: (310)217-9411
Year Founded: 1989

Key Personnel
Chris Reed, CEO,   
Neal Cohane, National   
   Sales Manager



























Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2013