Downers Grove, IL—With summer beginning, staying energized is a top consumer

concern. Optimum Nutrition surveyed full-time employed Americans ages 18-42 to find out how consumers feel, and how they power up. Key findings, as outlined in a press release:

People Want to Enjoy Summer Fun

  • 86% of respondents take advantage of Summer Fridays, even if they have a lot of work on their plate.
  • Most want to use that time for physical activities. That downtime includes:
    • running, walking or biking (46%)
    • working out at the gym or at home (32%)
    • playing recreational sports like golf (17%)
  • 52% of respondents say they want to hit the road early for weekend travel
  • 37% head to the beach or pool
  • 71% of parents say they want to have some fun with the kids.

Energy Levels are Low

  • More than half of respondents report being physically tired on Fridays, with energy flagging between lunchtime and the end of the workday
  • 36% are emotionally drained at the end of the week
  • 62% have cancelled Friday plans because they tired

People Power Up with Energy Drinks

A majority of survey participants (96%) utilized energy drinks. Diving in deeper:
  • 61% said they are aware of their drink choices in the workplace
  • 75% prefer to consume drinks with nutritional benefits
  • 59% enjoy for non-alcoholic energy drinks for socializing
"It may surprise some people to hear that even Gen Z professionals are feeling worn out," said the influencer known as Corporate Natalie. "The fact is, as much as younger workers try to prioritize work-life balance, we're not always feeling up to the 'life' part at the end of a long workweek. We're looking for functional beverage options to help fuel our summer fun. Energy drinks really came to mainstream popularity with the millennial generation. We've become accustomed to reaching for beverages to address energy needs, but we also are conscious about what we're putting in our bodies, and even how our drink choices reflect our personalities."

Optimum Nutrition shared that the company is working with Corporate Natalie, who has nearly 800,000 followers of her frequently humorous work-life takes onTikTokandInstagram, to spread the word about its AMIN.O. Energy Sparkling ready-to-drink beverage as a go-to solution for summer energy and hydration.

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