New York, NY—Snuk Foods launched today. It’s an online marketplace for specialty ingredients and products, sourced from countries around the world.

Their mission is to ensure that “people of every background have the convenience of delicious ingredients delivered right to their door,” according to their press release, which says that they have “spent decades searching for and building relationships with skilled producers and high-quality producers and brands from around the world.”

Their catalog offers over 2,000 items, which range from hard-to-find grains, flours, beans, lentils, herbs, spices, and bottled condiments, all the way to prepared foods.

Examples include Koon Chun Black Vinegar from China, Swad Chutneys from India, Red Boat Fish Sauce from Vietnam, and Canaan Cold Pressed Olive Oil from Palestine.

Snuk Foods partners with premium purveyors like The Japanese Pantry, Regalis, Gotham Grove, and Kalustyan’s to offer hundreds of spice blends and chutneys, among other products.

Each product page features the item’s country of origin, a comprehensive list of ingredients, a nutritional facts label, and the product’s certifications.

Snuk Foods also launched Caravan, a digital magazine dedicated to understanding and celebrating the foods of the world and the cultures behind them. It features in-depth profiles, guides on global ingredients, and recipes from leading chefs and cookbook authors.

Snuk is the romanization of the Thai word for “fun.” It is a reminder that cooking, family, and joy are intertwined.