Oslo, Norway—Aker BioMarine has entered into a partnership with esports team Heroic, owned by Norwegian Omaken Sports.

Physical and mental preparations are already underway for the global tournament PGL Major Stockholm, which runs from October 26 to November 7. For the Heroic team, those preparations include taking krill oil.

Heroic is one of the 24 participating teams. This will be the first major tournament with physical attendance since the pandemic began, with a prize pool of $2 million and around 17,000 live spectators. A live event, the press release says, will have a different dynamic, atmosphere, and level of excitement than an all-digital event.

“I have big expectations, and we as a team, have prepared for this both physically and mentally,” said Joachim Haraldsen, founder of Omaken Sports and CEO of Heroic, in the press release. “During the game, the athletes must make rapid and calculated decisions, which demands a sharpened brain. We haven’t become the best in the world by just sitting in front of the screen. Instead, we must think holistically about physical exercise, diet, sleep, and social life.”

Krill oil can help support brain health, due to its EPA and DHA, as well as choline.

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“The esports industry has experienced massive growth in recent years and is an exciting domain for us to enter into,” said Matts Johansen, CEO of Aker BioMarine. “Hundreds of millions of viewers stream various esports events every year, and the interest is enormous. Heroic represents a new and unique target group with solid preferences, especially when it comes to finding their entertainment and buying their products. To reach this target group, we must think and act differently and choose the right partners. For us, this is a fantastic match. esports requires a lot of mental capacity, and we have identified an opportunity to communicate the importance of a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically, for this target group. We know that omega-3 from krill is important for a strong and healthy brain. We look forward to focusing on this together with Heroic and investigating the possibility of developing a new and unique product.”

Haraldsen, too, is excited about the partnership. He added: “Aker BioMarine is an exciting company that has invested heavily in science and R&D and has ambitions of improving public health without compromising the planet. This fits well with our mindset about a healthy balance when developing top-level athletes.”