Federal Way, WA—The Institute for Functional Medicine(IFM), founded by Susan and Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., and theAmerican Nutrition Association(ANA) announced a new online course:Therapeutic Food Plans: A Component of Personalized Nutrition.The interactive course is designed to educate and support nutrition professionals and other clinicians on how to personalize and apply therapeutic food plans from IFM.

The course teaches how to create personalized, therapeutic food plans for patients, taking into account unique dietary needs and preferences. It also gives clinicians tools to empower patients to improve their health and maintain positive lifestyle habits long-term, according to a press release. Clinicians who complete the course and meet eligibility requirements will be listed in ANA’s Practitioner Finder directory.
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“At ANA, we believe that nutrition belongs at the core of health care—and thatpersonalized nutrition most powerfully taps our health potential,” ANA CEO Michael Stroka said in the release. “This new course helps nutrition professionals customize food plans to each individual, a critical element of personalized nutrition.”

The first cohort scheduled for October 12–November 26. Find more details on who the course is intended for, as well as information on how to register,here.
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