New York, NY— CVS Pharmacy has recently announced the grand opening of their new flagship location in Times Square, which spans two floors and measures more than 13,000 square feet. The New York City store will feature CVS’ new layout, designed with health, wellness, and beauty in mind. It appears to a part of their continued push to stand out among its peers, after halting the sale of cigarettes and implementing initiatives to give consumers healthy snacking options. It also reflects the growing demand of health-consciousness from consumers who are becoming more and more educated about health and food-related issues. Here is what you can expect to see at CVS’ newest flagship store:
  • Healthy Food Choices. CVS Pharmacy is the first national retailer, outside of natural food stores, to stop carrying foods containing partially hydrogenated oils (PHO), in both its store brand food products and all national brand food products meaning that any foods shipping to CVS Pharmacy distribution centers are now free from artificial trans fats. Healthier food choices now make up about 50% of all food options found throughout the store and CVS will continue its Trend Zone displays that showcase a carefully curated selection of better-for-you brands.
  • "Discovery Zones”: areas that feature more than 3,400 new products pertaining to Eating on-the-go, Advanced Skin Care, Sleep and Mood, Connected Health and more.
  • Personalized Pharmacy Programs that work one-on-one with patients to find what is best for each individual. The new pharmacy model also includes digital tools such as the CVS Pharmacy mobile app which provides patients with alerts about their prescriptions. This fits into the growing trend of personalization, from technology to healthcare.
  • Expanded Health Services including a walk-in MinuteClinic and Optical Center with no appointment necessary.
  • Elevated Beauty which will include more “on trend” products and products with natural ingredients. This means that by the end of 2019, “all parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde donors in products within the CVS Health, Beauty 360, Essence of Beauty, Promise Organic and Blade store brand product lines will be removed.”
  • K-Beauty Shop-in-Shop will feature nearly 500 innovative Korean beauty products ranging from healthy skincare to body and lip care.
  • From Sick Care to Self Care: CVS Pharmacy is transitioning from a focus on “sick-care” to “self-care" by including more products for nutrition, immunity, sleep, and other holistic products. There will also be a greater selection of vitamins, supplements, and nutrition products.
  • Better For You Food: CVS Pharmacy will display different healthy eating “Trend Zone” displays which showcase niche, health food brands that “make healthier eating on-the-go convenient and affordable.” Nearly 50 percent of all food options found throughout the store are considered healthy.
  • Extras for Easy Shopping and Rewards: Changes to the CVS Mobile app include mobile ordering and curbside pickup, in-app “CVS pay,” ExtraBucks Rewards, personalized deals, and manufacturer coupons.
The new CVS Pharmacy Times Square location is now open to the public, the front store is open 24 hours a day.