Morristown, NJ, and Mumbai, India—OmniActive Health Technologies’ Gingever ingredient is now Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), according to a press release.

Gingever is a high-potency ginger extract designed to help support digestive and immune health at a low dose. Obtaining GRAS status allows for the ingredient to be used in foods and beverages, as well as other products.

“For an ingredient to be considered GRAS, scientific data and information about the intended use of the substance must be widely known, and there must be a consensus among scientific experts that the data and information established is safe under the conditions of its intended use,” explained Dr. Deshanie Rai, VP, Global Scientific & Regulatory Affairs for OmniActive, in the press release. “This includes toxicology studies as well as human safety data. Moreover, the extraction and processing of the substance is also critically reviewed as part of the rigorous GRAS evaluation process.”

The GRAS Panel is made up of a group of subject matter experts qualified by training and experience to evaluate the safety of food ingredients.

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“Given the rigor of the review and the necessary documentation required for compiling a dossier, achieving GRAS status is a lengthy and resource-intensive process,” Dr. Rai added. “Although ginger has a long history of safe use as part of our food supply, we went the extra mile to have the safety of our Gingever product, which is formulated using a supercritical CO2extraction method, verified by independent expert scientists.”

The extraction method results in a composition of polyphenols similar to the one naturally found in ginger root, without the use of harsh solvents. 20-250mg of Gingever delivers a clinically relevant dose of the active compounds, compared to 1,000mg of ginger root powder.