Bangalore, India—Natural Remedies’ Turmacin turmeric preparation has received self-GRAS status from Florida-based Soni & Associates Inc., according to a press release. The self-GRAS status allows for Turmacin to be incorporated into a wide variety of foods and beverages.

The GRAS conclusion was based on a critical evaluation of the publicly available data, and arrived at in accordance with section 201 (s) of the FDCA. The panel members concluded that at maximum levels of 50mg per serving in foods such as non-alcoholic beverages, candies, and bakery products (excluding breakfast bars), Turmacin is safe for consumption, with a total maximum daily intake of 316mg.

Suresh Lakshmikanthan, global head of human health business for Natural Remedies, said: “As consumer awareness and demand for turmeric-based functional products rises, the formulators are looking for next-generation turmeric-based functional food and beverage products. At Natural Remedies, our journey to discover the next-generation advanced turmeric ingredient brought us the 100% naturally water soluble Turmacin, which is patented and backed up with multiple clinical trials to support joint and cartilage health. The GRAS status of Turmacin gives a perfect blend of safety, innovation, science, and flexibility to formulators.”

Turmacin is exclusively distributed in the U.S. by AIDP.