Members of the International Pectin Producers Association have joined forces to launch the Pectin Information Centre, according to a press release.

Available, the platform is intended to become the ultimate source of knowledge about pectin, its provenance, its applications, and technical and nutritional benefits in the food and beverage sector. Pectin aligns with current trends, the release notes: It is sourced from fruit, allowing it to be used in clean-label foods and beverages produced with nature-derived ingredients.
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The Pectin Information Centre offers a series of free, downloadable factsheets developed for an audience ranging from students to industry professionals. Available factsheets cover topics including the molecular structure of pectin, how it is sourced and produced, its use in food and beverage products, and an overview of safety, labelling, and regulatory matters. There are more factsheets to come.

IPPA, looking to reflect pectin’s continued relevance, has revitalized its 20-year-old brand with a new logo and house style.

Susanne Sörgel, IPPA President, said in the release: “Pectin is an ingredient with a huge amount of heritage, but it remains just as on-trend in 2020 as it was more than 250 years ago, when it was first used. With this in mind, IPPA has developed the Pectin Information Centre to help nurture a more widespread understanding of pectin’s functionality and how it can help companies formulate products that meet consumer demand for products with clearer labels that are easy to understand.”