New Century, KS—Consumer attitudes toward plant-based meat alternatives show an increase in interest and market opportunities for plant-based meat products, according to a press release from DuPont Nutrition and Health.

More than half of Americans are increasing their plant intake, DuPont noted, and that is fueling the demand for plant-based meat alternatives.

According to the 2018 Markets and Markets Meal Alternative survey, 96% of respondents said the main reason for eating meat alternatives and increasing plant intake is for their health, the release stated.

“People are motivated to alter their diets to include more plant-based foods because they believe it will enhance their overall wellness, provide specific health benefits and help the environment,” said Mark Cornthwaite, marketing manager of Dupont Nutrition and Health. “With consumers embracing more plant-based foods, the meat alternatives category is really gaining momentum, and there’s lots of opportunity for growth.”

The release noted that a 2019 MotiveQuest analysis of 3 million internet conversations focused on plant-based eating mentioned taste and texture as key factors in enjoyment of plant-based meat alternatives; lack of variety and options, too, were heavily discussed.

Cornthwaite noted that for many plant-based meat alternative formats, Dupont Nutrition and Health can provide the majority of the components needed to develop a product from plant proteins to hydrocolloids and antimicrobials to antioxidants and colors. "Consumers want really fantastic plant-based burgers, breakfast patties, fajitas, sausages, to name a few," he said, "and we can help our customers deliver that and more.”