Paris, France—Acacia gum can play a role in formulating sugar-reduced and sugar-free food and beverages, according to formulation research from Alland & Robert. The company found that acacia gum can help compensate for the loss of volume, texture, and mouthfeel induced by the reduction of sugar content.

In a press release, the company noted that the public attitude towards sugar is changing, and that the food industry has an important role to play in reducing sugar content—both to meet consumer demand and to promote healthy diets. Citing the World Health Organization, the release notes that manufacturers add sugar to 74% of packaged foods sold in supermarkets.

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Acacia gum is 100% natural and vegetal, the release says. It’s a fiber, which research shows has benefits in terms of lowering peak glucose response and improving gut health, glycemic index, and immunity.

Dr. Isabelle Jaouen, Director of R&D at Alland & Robert, said in the release: “Formulating sugar-free or sugar-reduced products to reach satisfactory organoleptic profile and low-calorie content involves new formulation and can be challenging. As a texturing agent bringing low viscosity, acacia gum can be a solution.”