Tim van de Gehuchte. Courtesy of Gadot.

Haifa Bay, Israel—CEO of Gadot Biochemical Industries Ohad Cohen announced in a press release the company has reopened its European office as of December 16. The office is located in Amsterdam and will serve all of Europe. Tim van de Gehuchte has been appointed as the head of sales for the European market.

“Tim van de Gehuchte’s vast experience in the minerals industry will be highly welcome among customers who need expert guidance in effective and safe use of minerals in a wide array of CPGs. He is a biochemist with a passion for mineral salts and is also multilingual,” Said Cohen in a press release.
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The news comes as the company launches a campaign to educate formulators on the necessity of magnesium. “It is a known fact that Magnesium is a vital mineral for all humans and is the fourth most abundant in living organisms involved in almost all major metabolic pathways, such as in energy generation (ATP) to protein synthesis and neuromuscular stability,” said Cohen in a press release. Lack of sufficient magnesium intake can lead to migraines, high blood pressure, fatigue and more. More on that campaigncan be found here.

Gadot Biochemical Industries offers a range of minerals for various applications such as dietary supplements, dairy products, sports drinks and beverages.

For more information visit www.gadotbio.com